Focus and Scope

UNIVERSE is a journal that publishes only an original articles on the newest issues occuring internationally in science education, science teaching and learning, science curriculum, and science teachers preparation with special purpose to improve our knowledge of science education, teaching, learning and practice. This journal also has a number of specific objectives in several fields:

1. Teaching

In teaching activities, it is not only focused on the lecturer, but also on the teacher in the class. The application and development of learning models, the application and development of instructional media, the development and application of textbooks, the development and application of new treatments to students and all teaching activities with the aim of increasing motivation, ability, skills and mindset both by the teacher, and the students.

2. Learning

Research in the form of a process, description, treatment or development in the field of learning. Learning activities both nationally and internationally, from a variety of perspectives and mindsets.

3. Practice

In practice we invite papers that related to any activities indoors, outdoors. Theoretically, empirically and practically. Experimental and quasi-experimental practice research. Research at school, in the field, to teachers, to students, or to the community. The latest issue, news, and fact.

4. Science Curriculum

In the field of curriculum, we invite articles that focus on the application or development of national and international curricula. Methods for applying curriculum or assessments, tools, and media used as support in the implementation or development of the curriculum.